Brand for coffee: from product concept to packaging design

Coffee lovers will be able to go on a gastronomic “journey” without leaving home, appreciating the tastes of its best varieties.
This project on the development of the product concept and packaging design reveals new opportunities in the market of high-quality coffee – to introduce the consumer to unique varieties of coffee from different countries.
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The identity of the packaging reflects all the sights of the countries and creates an atmosphere of authenticity on the example of three countries:

  • Brazil, Bourbon coffee variety
Bourbon coffee is usually grown at an altitude of 1000 to 2300 meters above sea level. Coffee has a slight sourness and oily texture. It has a rich taste with a nutty-chocolate aroma
  • Peru, Chanchamayo
Chanchamayo is considered one of the best and most popular varieties in Peru, which accounts for about half of all the plantations in the country. The variety is alpine and is grown in numerous small farms. This coffee is characterized by the absence of bitterness and a characteristic “sourness”, but due to the slow maturation in a shady area, the taste is very diverse because once you try real coffee, its taste can not be forgotten.
  • Mexico, Tapachula

The Tapachula variety is grown in the south of the country. This coffee deserves to be loved by fans of a “light” drink, without a pronounced astringency. Basically, this variety is grown on organic plantations, near the border with Guatemala.

Despite the “clogged” market with flavored coffee, sometimes with surprising flavor additives, the demand for a quality product remains very relevant, because once you try real coffee, you can’t forget its taste.

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