Fashion design

Exclusive bags collection 2021

handcrafted with eco materials

fashion handbag 2021 women by Stas Qlare


This model of clutch for women has a unique shape with a round bottom and designer stitching on the ends. Genuine Italian leather. 100% handmade.


This new design of men’s bag combines 3 different leather textures. Close attention to detail, painstaking master’s handwork gives to classic outlines an exclusive design solution.

fashion bag for men 2021 by stas qlare
fashion handbag 2021 women by Stas Qlare


Unique and dynamic forms are like a new breath in the design of the 2021 season, creating an image of extravagance and sophistication. Each bag is individual and made by masters hand.


This elegant model for men focuses on strictness, freedom and functionality. Bold color accents complement the image of a modern-transformed satchel.

fashion bag for men 2021 by stas qlare
fashion handbag 2021 women by Stas Qlare

Elegant model of women’s bag made of genuine Italian leather, designer flap with Czech beading and lacing on the sides. Inside there is a pocket for accessories. Comfortable to wear both in the hand and on the shoulder.

Tote bag

This model of women’s tote bag for every day is created in a new modern form with a combination of two types of genuine leather-soft nappa and crocodile leather.

fashion handbag 2021 women by Stas Qlare
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