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First meeting with Marangoni

Global promo campaign: Russia, Ukrane, Kazakhstan

It was the first time I knew everything about Marangoni. In the spring of 2015 under the auspices of Istituto and IQ Consultancy I managed the project for promoting Marangoni in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Besides my business goals to promote the Istituto I’d like to help talented designers enhance their professional level in theese countries.

On photo: Stas Qlare (Shvechkov), Alessandro Castil’oni, Tim Borgmann (Russia & CIS director)

What is Istituto Marangoni

In 1935, the famous Italian designer Giulio Marangoni, in response to his question whether it was possible to teach fashion, organized a fashion and design school in Milan.
Decades later, the institute became the global trendsetter of fashion and design. Among the graduates of the institute are such famous people as Franco Moschino (Moschino), Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana), Alessandra Facchinetti (Miu Miu, Gucci, Valentino, Tod’s).
Educational programs are constantly being improved. Students have the opportunity to practice in leading global brands.

The project details

presentations and master classes

Presentations of the institute and master classes were held in the largest cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. This event was covered in the mass media; local professional design associations were involved in advertising. 

As a result, this event attracted thousands fashion and design experts. Some of them continued their professional development as Marangoni students. So today, every year, everyone who wants to learn more about the institute can visit presentations and master classes in their cities of residence.

Leading communication channels

The event in digital channels

PR in fashion press

In order to maximize the attention of the professional community, leading fashion magazines were chosen as the communication channels.

The challange

It was cool challenge which gaves me new experience and where I met many interesting people. Thanks to this event, many junior designers and already practicing professionals have learned about new opportunities to improve their level and got the chance became a part of global fashion and design industry.

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