5 rules for developing an effective corporate identity and logo design

A logo and corporate identity is not just a beautiful business card or a sign that identifies your brand among others. With proper development, these elements can be turned into working tools that contribute to increasing the profitability of sales, turnover, the level of trust and loyalty.

Here are my 5 tips on how to do this:

  1. All design decisions should be based on the results of research of the target audience, competitors, trends, as well as the internal environment of the company.

  2. The logo and corporate identity (hereinafter referred to as the identity) should harmoniously combine 2 factors — this is positioning + the image of your company and the need to stand out among competitors.

  3. When developing an identity design, it is necessary to use a cross-disciplinary approach using competencies not only in the design, but also in psychology and marketing.

  4. Corporate identity is not only a set of rules for its use, described in the brand book. In a more progressive sense, these are the internal laws of the company that regulate the style of working with clients, relationships within the team and corporate standards… Don’t finish your work at the design stage — develop all the tools of corporate identity, comprehensively transforming your company.

  5. Keep your finger on the pulse, periodically monitoring both external changes and the internal evolution of your company at key points. This will allow you to develop your corporate identity and its elements in a timely manner, leaving them effective tools for business.

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