Package design service advanced technologies for effective branding

The design of packaging forms and labels is carried out using unique technologies and world-class practices, formed by more than 20 years of experience in creating popular products for various market segments. This is the place there intelligent design solutions transformed into effective marketing and sales tools.

The impact of effective packaging design

created by the studio of Stanislav Qlare Shvechkov

  • Return on sales
    Qlare creates real working solutions that allow your business to sell goods with a higher margin profit
  • Perception of the product by the target audience
    By designing the packaging, we create an image of the product desired by the target audience, which is different from the competitors on the retail shelves or on the Internet
  • Sales volume
    With design and marketing techniques, we help you stand out on the shelf and make customers choose your product
  • Loyalty
    A well-formed packaging design will help your company in negotiations with retail, as well as increase the share of committed customers
more than 20 years

creating packaging design all over the world

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The development of packaging design is based on the uniqueness of the company and its product. By various means from the fields of design, psychology of perception and characteristics of the target audience, I use packaging to create the desired image in the minds of customers.

logo design stas qlare shvechkov

The same technologies were used in the development of packaging forms and labels for instant coffee

Development of a design concept for individual and group packaging for an innovative product for children

Development of packaging design for unusual snacks-natural chips with a unique combination of flavors

Packaging design for natural disinfectants for children for cleaning children’s accessories and premises

Development of packaging design for eco-friendly products-natural means for washing vegetables and fruits

My own packaging mold design technologies are also used to design the shape of a product – whether it’s a coffee machine or a vending machine …

As well as many other projects for the development of packaging design for products from various business sectors. Creating effective sales tools in both the consumer and corporate markets …

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The design of the packaging form and label is carried out according to unique technologies and world practices. The scope of work on your project is individual and is based on the maximum efficiency of the result for your business.

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