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role of industrial design

With increasing competition and the level of technology, design becomes critical when deciding to purchase a product. With the help of design as a collective image of the characteristics and product positioning, global brands are fighting for the consumer attention. Attractive design can not only improve the image of the product, but also increase its price and value in the minds of the buyer.

Steps of work
create design concept

As a result of the work, you get realistic product renderings in detail for the subsequent development of a model for three-dimensional printing or prototyping.

industrial design service by Stas Qlare
20 years of experience
design, branding, marketing

Industrial design case

Tea and Coffee

Innovation that should come to real life

Do we really need to have a lot of trinkets in a kitchen?

The market of kitchen appliances is growing at a breakneck pace. Constantly there are a lot of new gadgets and trinkets that fill our space. In search of an answer to the question how to get rid of that excess, 7 years ago I had the idea to combine the preparation of two popular drinks in one machine and shape it in the harmonious form of two opposites. Talking with my friends, I often heard the following: “I like tea but my partner loves coffee” … Do we really need to have a coffee machine and kettles for making tea at the same time?

The concept

Market survey

Don't be afraid to discover new

After a quick market research, I realized that the potential demand is huge. Most famalies in Europe (up to 94%) drink tea and coffee every day.

After a while, the concept of the innovative product tea and coffee machines was born

There are several containers for cooking variations of favorite drinks. The machine allows you to adjust the strength of the tea, the temperature, add sugar and various herbs. Coffee lovers have the opportunity to prepare up to 10 variations of coffee.

industrial designer service stas qlare coffee machine innovation
The first step is taken ...

Undoubtedly, the category of household appliances has a lot to develop. If you are a manufacturer of home appliances or an investor, I invite you to jointly create a unique and futuristic product that will surprise the whole world and make people’s lives more convenient and exciting.

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