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concepts of new products

  • Design concepts of product and package
  • Consumer goods, furniture, home appliance
  • Jewerly and other product's categories


how to do it

With increasing competition and the level of technology, design becomes critical when deciding to purchase a product. With the help of design as a collective image of the characteristics and product positioning, global brands are fighting for the consumer attention. Attractive design can not only improve the image of the product, but also increase its price and value in the minds of the buyer.

Steps of work

create design concept

  • Analysis of product design trends
  • –°reating product ergonomics
  • Development of product concept design in the form of a sketch and a realistic 3D render

As a result of the work, you get realistic product renderings in detail for the subsequent development of a model for three-dimensional printing or prototyping.

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Product design & innovation

Development of product concepts, consumption situations, competitive advantages, packaging design

Branding services

Assessment of the current state of the brand, positioning and brand image development, visual brand identity

Handbags design

Create unique design of woman and men handbags, fashion collections, fashion accessories for your brand


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