Logo design and corporate identity branding technologies by Stas Qlare Shvechkov

The development of logo design and corporate identity is carried out using unique technologies and world-class practices, formed by more than 20 years of experience in creating successful and popular images of companies in various market segments. My experience allows to transform design solutions into effective marketing and sales tools.

The impact of effective corporate identity

created by the studio of Stanislav Qlare Shvechkov

  • Return on sales
    Glare creates real working solutions that allow your business to sell goods or provide services more expensive
  • Brand perception by the target audience
    With our corporate identity, we create an image of a sought-after company that differs from its competitors
  • Sales volume
    We use design and marketing techniques to help your potential customers make the right choice for your company and product
  • Loyalty
    Well-formed corporate identity image will help your company to increase the share of committed customers and employees
more than 20 years

creating a corporate identity around the world

The development of the logo and style is based on the uniqueness of the company and its product. By various means from the fields of design, psychology of perception and characteristics of the target audience, I lay the necessary image in the creation of consumers.

logo design stas qlare shvechkov

I used the same technologies in developing an identity for an automated service for receiving and issuing clothes from dry cleaners.

In the comprehensive development of the corporate identity for the dental clinic, the health philosophy was used, illustrated by the image of a tree stylized as a tooth.

In one of their interactive projects – a virtual service for passing mazes, the 3D effect was used, emphasizing the belonging of the company and the services provided to the increasingly popular virtual reality.

The technique of using the author’s character in the development of the logo design was used in the development of the brand name for a new chain of fast food restaurants of Russian traditional cuisine with unique turnip specialties.

Knowing the real trends in the design of brand names allows to create logos that will remain fashionable even after 5 years. One of these trends formed the basis for the design of the logo for the men’s club, the positioning of which was also created by Stas Qlare Shvechkov.

Almost the same trend-the use of hidden lines and graphic elements – was used in the complex rebranding of a service company, whose task was to change its outdated image of a “Soviet” company to a modern and European one. The result was highly appreciated by both the company’s customers and partners.

The idea of environmental friendliness in the brand philosophy is also very popular and has been rapidly gaining momentum recently, especially in the production of household chemicals. In one of the projects for the development of corporate identity and packaging, the idea of naturalness and safety was just embedded.

Sometimes, to get an original and successful solution in the field of logo design, you need to abstract from the templates and create a complex image in which the style of primitivism would get along with the image of the barber shop lover Salvador Dali. This direction was implemented in the identity of the salon of hairstyles for men.

Unconventional thinking always helps to distinguish a company from its competitors, making its image memorable. It was the “green” positioning and the use of a” safe ” color scheme that helped to present the road construction company in a new way, emphasizing its use of environmentally friendly construction technologies.

The combination of two symbols of the fashion manufacturer’s business-the wisdom of the raven and the courage of the wolf-is reflected in the design of the logo and corporate identity. It was a project not just to create the brand identity of the company, but also to develop the design of the product itself – unique prints for T-shirts.

As well as many other projects for the development of logo design and corporate identity of service, manufacturing, and trading companies from various business sectors. Creating effective sales tools in both the consumer and corporate markets …

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