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Trends, innovation & future:

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New phenomena and trends in the development of any area of life significantly affect the change in demand of both individual consumer groups and society as a whole. The desire of people to meet their needs more effectively contributes to the creation of new products and services. If we consider it more globally, then the social life of people also depends on what trends will be chosen for promotion. Lifestyle, values, choice factors, and reasons for trust can also change under the influence of trends.

My work on trend development is not just about trend watching, as a tool for identifying and analyzing new trends. My competence also includes forecasting the appearance of popular trends in the future, as well as developing new trends for the business environment, for societies and governments.

The scope of my expertise in trend watching, forecasting & trend development

Analyzing the latest trends, together with forecasting and developing trends, allows to create an effective environment not only for making in demand innovative product or serviced for future, but also for increasing the capitalization and market share, and to meet future consumer demand. A more global application of these services is to improve the quality of society life or certain groups, to create new interests, values, motivation, and to establish effective connection between society and government structures.

social trends development service worldwide
Basic stages
of trend development & forecasting

For each project, the methodology that is most effective for achieving the goal is selected.

Identifying and analyzing future consumer attitudes, lifestyle, preferences, as well as forecasting and designing new trends in the area you are interested in will give you the opportunity to create a competitive strategy for working with the target audience or the whole society, choose the right resources to create the desired future and strengthen your spheres of influence.

Global expert vision
& foresight on the future
100+ markets with 20+ years of experience
in marketing and communication technologies

How trend watching and trend development help create innovation?
some of my case studies …

Talking with my friends, I often heard the following: “I like tea but my partner loves coffee” … Do we really need to have a coffee machine and kettles for making tea at the same time? See the product innovation

Many people wash fruits and vegetables with water before eating. The reason for this is the numerous bacteria settling on a peel. Unfortunately water does not guarantee complete safety. See the eco product concept

When you buy cosmetics, what exactly do you want to buy? Lipstick? Mascara? No. You want to buy attractiveness, attention, admiring looks, success on work and in personal life. See innovation for retailers

Any responsible parents want to grow smart
and a talented child. In childhood, parents use sweets as a motivator
for their child’s development and learning  … See innovation for kids

More than 600 billion plastic bottles are produced every year. About 25% are not recycling: 150 billion bottles may be used as a processed raw material for the production of flower vases. See recycling in design

One lamp – all needs. … sunrise in the morning, a starry sky at night, a directional spot for your work area, a lighting manager – this and more are combined in a smart lamp. See smart lamp innovation