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Hey there! My name is Stanislav Qlare Shvechkov. I am a marketing professional, designer, brand and product developer, an expert in improving the competitiveness of enterprises, products and brands… I create new and innovative products for the consumer market, develop brands, increase the competitiveness and effectiveness of marketing, sales, brand or product. For many years I also have been acting as a product designer, graphic and fashion designer.

In each project, I combine all my competencies and advocate a comprehensive approach to working on projects. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple project to create a packaging design or an internal work in the company to improve business efficiency. Each project is a challenge to change the life of humanity, to make it better.

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professional background

Hold the bar high

20 years in sales & marketing management
branding, product design & innovation…

For 20 years, I have worked as a marketing and sales Director, brand Director, project Manager and senior designer for best-in-class companies from various market segments: pharmaceuticals, horeca, vending equipment, food and non-food products, Internet marketing and branding services, as well as b2b and b2c services. Thanks to the extensive experience gained in various markets, my trump card is the use of non-standard and unique solutions that are missed by others due to a pattern of thinking that does not go beyond the industry.

PR activity
& awards

My works are winners of international design and innovation competitions in Italy, North America, and Germany. I carry out volunteer work for GP and WHO; periodically publish my educational materials through professional associations.


  • 2008 Master Degree in Strategic Management
  • 2004 International Marketing Management
  • 2001 Professional Degree in Design & 3D
  • 2000 MSC Journalism, Advertising & PR

In my professional development, I have set a goal to achieve expertise in all areas related to marketing. That is why when I started my career as a marketing specialist for more than 10 years, I mastered the professions of designer, digital specialist, advertising and PR Manager, sales professional and finally the head of strategic enterprise manager. In addition to education and practice, I created my own methods aimed at improving the effectiveness of communication, brand, sales, project management and develope innovations.

How did I do it?

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Stas Qlare the futurist Trend development & watching

My work on trend development is not just about trend watching, as a tool for identifying and analyzing new trends. My competence also includes forecasting the appearance of popular trends in the future, as well as developing new trends for the business environment, for societies and governments.

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Stas Qlare the brand maker brands making

Many years I’ve been developing brands from more than 12 different industries. My approach to brand making is very broad – is like a system of life values that determine a person’s appearance, behavior and actions.

Stas Qlare the innovator Create new product & innovation

Developing new products and innovations for the consumer market is one of the most important areas of my work. This allows to take a completely new look at everyday things and make the lives of millions people more convenient and exciting.

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Stas Qlare the designer Industrial & product design

As a designer, the appearance of the product plays an important role for me. Also, the consumer first pays attention to the product design. It is the design that creates the first impression.

Stas Qlare the fashion designer handbag and accessories design

Creating fashion products is one of the priority areas of my art. You can take advantage of the opportunity to create a fashion collections of handbags, new  innovative accessories and jewelry for your brand.

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  • For Investors & Customers
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I am open to cooperation with businessmen, business angels, companies and cool specialists around the globe. To get up-to-date information on cooperation, please go to the appropriate section of the site. In my creativity, I strive to transform existing things, give them an unusual appearance that will give their owners comfort, joy, and aesthetic pleasure… everything that will make people’s lives more exciting and satisfying. For the first contact, use email.

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