for investors make tomorrow better

Stas Qlare is open for cooperation with investors, business angels and investment funds around the world. At the moment there are 4 business areas for investment on contractual terms:

  • Development of business to create and promote fashion branded accessories (bags, belts, jewelry, etc.);
  • Development of the Atelier franchise for sewing fashion bags for individual orders of private clients (based on the created business model from Stas Qlare);
  • Opening in different countries of the Author’s Atelier for sewing fashion bags and accessories from Qlare;
  • Financing the development of new products and concepts of innovative products for subsequent market entry (food and non-food products for the consumer market).
In my creativity, I strive to transform existing things, give them an unusual appearance that will give their owners comfort, joy, and aesthetic pleasure... everything that will make people's lives more exciting and satisfying.
qlare fashion designer
Stas Qlare
Designer, Products & Innovations Creator