For investors, customers & employers make tomorrow better

Stas Qlare is open for cooperation with investors, business angels, customers & employers around the world. At the moment there are 4 business areas for cooperation:

For Investors

  • I am open to funding my work on developing new product concepts and innovations, as well as conducting trend research and forecasting (trend watching and trend spotting of consumer trends and trends in social life). It is possible to transfer the rights to the Investor for the developed concepts and ideas
  • Financing the creation of designer accessories for the investor’s brand. Digital fashion.

For Customers & Employers

  • Marketing and brand management;
  • All kinds of services in section “Services for business”;
  • Increase the competitiveness of your company, brand, or product;
  • Create new products, brands, innovations for your business;
  • Representing the interests of company owners in monitoring business performance.
In my creativity, I strive to transform existing things, give them an unusual appearance that will give their owners comfort, joy, and aesthetic pleasure... everything that will make people's lives more exciting and satisfying.