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Stas Qlare the futurist Trend development & watching

My work on trend development is not just about trend watching, as a tool for identifying and analyzing new trends. My competence also includes forecasting the appearance of popular trends in the future, as well as developing new trends for the business environment, for societies and governments.

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Stas Qlare the brand maker Create brands

Many years I’ve been developing brands from more than 12 different industries. My approach to brand making is very broad – is like a system of life values that determine a person’s appearance, behavior and actions.

Stas Qlare the innovator Create new product & innovation

Developing new products and innovations for the consumer market is one of the most important areas of my work. This allows to take a completely new look at everyday things and make the lives of millions people more convenient and exciting.

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logo design service and corporate identity stas qlare shvechkov
Stas Qlare the logo designer LOGO DESIGN & CORPORATE IDENTITY

Logo design and corporate identity development are carried out using unique technologies and world practices, collected and tested in real business over the past 20 years

Stas Qlare the package designer Package design

Packaging form and label design service, which contributes to the increase in sales turnover and profitability of the product, is carried out using my own technologies, taking into account the world experience gathered over the past 20 years

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Stas Qlare the designer Industrial & product design

As a designer, the appearance of the product plays an important role for me. Also, the consumer first pays attention to the product design. It is the design that creates the first impression.

Stas Qlare the fashion designer handbag & accessories design

Creating fashion products is one of the priority areas of my art. You can take advantage of the opportunity to create a fashion collections of handbags, new  innovative accessories and jewelry for your brand.

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Fashion. Exclusive design of men's and women's bags

Since 2019, I have started my own project in the field of fashion – creating exclusive fashion models of handcrafted bags made of eco-materials

Innovation. educational & creative candies for children

Most children love sweets – ready to eat them in tons.
And in between the delicacy they like to play. How I combined it in new product – just read more

innovation for children
industrial and product design service qlare shvechkov
Product design. Innovative tea and coffee machine

Talking with my friends, I often heard the following: “I like tea but my partner loves coffee” … Do we really need to have a coffee machine and kettles for making tea at the same time?

Innovative sales. E-stylist: innovation for retailer & manufacturer

When you buy cosmetics, what exactly do you want to buy? Lipstick? Mascara? No. You want to buy attractiveness, attention, admiring looks, success on work and in personal life.

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Product concept. Smart lamp for you home

One lamp – all needs. … sunrise in the morning, a starry sky at night, a directional spot for your work area, a lighting manager – this and more are combined in a smart lamp.

Green planet. Recycling in eco design

More than 600 billion plastic bottles are produced every year. About 25% are not recycling: 150 billion bottles may be used as a processed raw material for the production of flower vases. Learn more about joint initiavive with GP.

Italian design. Challange with Marangoni: global promotion campaign

It was the first time I knew everything about Marangoni. 3 years ago I managed the project for promoting Marangoni in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Besides my business goals to promote the Istituto I’d like to help talented designers enhance their professional level.

Green branding. Eco washing liquid for frutis & vegetables

Many people wash fruits and vegetables with water before eating. The reason for this is the numerous bacteria settling on a peel. Unfortunately water does not guarantee complete safety.

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