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Services for business

In my professional activity, I prefer combine experience and skills in the fields of psychology of perception, design, branding, marketing and sales management. That systematic approach allows to create not only creative but also effective intellectual products.


Assessment of the current state of the brand
Positioning and brand image development
Visual brand identity: logo, corporate style, package

Product design & Innovation

Development of product concepts
Consumption situations, competitive advantages
Packaging design


Design concepts of package, consumer goods, furniture, home appliance, jewerly and others



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Tea and coffee machine

Talking with my friends, I often heard the following: “I like tea but my husband loves coffee” ... Do we really need to have a coffee machine and kettles for making tea at the same time?

E-stylist: innovation for retailers

When you buy cosmetics, what exactly do you want to buy? Lipstick? Mascara? No. You want to buy attractiveness, attention, admiring looks, success on work and in personal life.

Smart lamp for you home

One lamp - all needs. ... sunrise in the morning, a starry sky at night, a directional spot for your work area, a lighting manager - this and more are combined in a smart lamp.

Recycling in eco design

More than 600 billion plastic bottles are produced every year. About 25% are not recycling: 150 billion bottles may be used as a processed raw material for the production of flower vases.

Challange with Marangoni

Many junior designers and already practicing professionals have learned about new opportunities to improve their level and got the chance became a part of global fashion and design industry.

Eco washing liquid for frutis

Many people wash fruits and vegetables with water before eating. The reason for this is the numerous bacteria settling on a peel. Unfortunately water does not guarantee complete safety.

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Cooperation: branding, design, innovation

I am open to cooperation around the Globe. In recent years, I have worked with companies from different continents. Any format of cooperation is possible – from brand development and visual identity to creation of  innovative product concept.


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