Custom bag design create an exclusive fashion bag according to your dream

Qlare exclusive design service Only one in the world

Especially for you, based on your individual requirements and preferences, an exclusive bag will be created in one copy. In this way you will become the owner of a fashion accessory with a unique design that will emphasize your sophistication and personality. All over the world there is no owner of the same bag.

The shape and materials are selected based on your wishes, as well as on the results of the analysis of more than 1000+ models of previous and current seasons, forecasting new trends in the world fashion of accessories

Starting from scratches Process of creation

Carefully following your wishes, several detailed sketches of the future bag will be developed for you, and quality materials will be carefully selected. When you choose one of the variants, talented craftsmen will start manufacturing your bag.

Qlare develops the design of fashion accessories for various categories of customers: politicians, businessmen, artists, successful professionals.

Each project searches for aesthetic and creative opportunities missed by multinational fashion brands.

To create a design that is in demand by an individual customer, not only the visual, but also the ergonomic aspect of both men’s and women’s bags is taken into account.

work of art Anticipating your expectations

At all stages of the work, your opinion will always be important. The use of selected modern competencies in design, psychology and image development allows to create a real work of art that will present you aesthetic delight.

Despite the creative stagnation in the design of new bags models of famous world brands Qlare remains a place where truly unique and creative fashion accessories are created

Real individual and exclusive models are created here, emphasizing the unique style of each person

… custom-made bags for men and women… casual, business, for special events and fashion outings

Most frequent questions and answers

Unique models of bags are created for both women and men, and even children.

The average project duration is 5-6 weeks.

The service is available worldwide. Interaction with the customer takes place remotely. The finished bag is insured and sent by premium class delivery.

The copyright for any bags and scetches belongs to Stas Qlare. If you want to use the bag design for commercial purposes, please contact as corporate customer.

The project is divided into several stages. At the first stage, several sketches of the bag design are developed based on your wishes. This work is fixed and its price is 2000 euros. However, the final budget for each bag is different-it depends on the materials and production costs.

Do not use animal skins that are under the protection of the state in which the production is realized.

Make the order

For order the creation of an exclusive bag for you, just leave your contacts and our staff will contact you.