Innovation for cosmetic market

new format of interaction with customers and sales

Don’t limit business to sales only, but solve the real needs of your buyers

Buyers do not acquire cosmetic products, they buy attractiveness, success at work and personal life.

When you buy cosmetics, what exactly do you want to buy? Lipstick? Mascara? Tonal cream? No. You want to buy attractiveness, attention, admiring looks, success on work and in personal life. Lipstick, mascara are just the attributes created by producers and successfully mimicry to your true needs

New vision: not just sell

Present situation

The traditional format of a cosmetics store so popular throughout the world does not work to the extent that it should be with the real needs of customers. Therefore, a new generation store is not just selling a product. 

Next technology step

We should create a number of additional amenities and services that contribute to the maximum approximation to the implementation of needs the buyer and increase sales turnover.

The vision

Capture, Choose & Buy

 I see the new format of cosmetics store as a beauty center. With the help of innovative automatic machines – electronic stylists. This E-stylists contain algorithms which are based on the best practices of leading stylists and makeup makers.

Choose you new style from leading image experts

So any cosmetic store visitor will be able to choose new image and make up based on personal appearance and desired style, as well as get a list of goods that was used in chosen image, and, at the end – the ability to immediately purchase make up goods, as well as detailed instructions for creating your new image by yourself.

How does it work

The principle of work is to digitize the face of a person facing the electronic stylist screen. After digitization, the user selects a certain category of images, separated by life situations. It can be an evening make-up, and an everyday light make-up for work. After selecting a category, the user is presented with variants of new images modeled directly on the digitized photo of his or her face; thus you look at yourself as if in a mirror and see your updated image.

E-stylist: not just sell cosmetics

Having chosen the image you like, you get a printout of the cosmetics used in the make-up, their cost and the opportunity to purchase them immediately or later. In addition, you still have detailed instructions for creating the image you like and applying makeup.

For brands: new format of interaction with customers and effective sales

This innovation and the described approach to working with customers allows the brand to become closer to the client, to penetrate into their hearts. Because the brand will not just sell goods, but create a new image for each customer, contribute to the achievement of their aspirations and hopes. And it will also give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the experience of the world’s leading stylists.

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