Innovative smart lamp: short case

Smart lamp is your everything

… sunrise in the morning, a starry sky at night, a directional spot for your work area, a lighting manager – this and more are combined in a smart lamp

Extended spot of view on everyday things

innovation for home

Take the maximum that it can be taken from improved ordinary things

The product

Everyone knows the purpose of a chandelier. But … imagine if a chandelier will adapt to your features and preferences… What if it can become for you a starry sky, sunrise or sunset or alarm clock?

All these possibilities and more are combined in concept of innovative smart Constella chandelier.

You may manage the lamp from smart phone

All these functions are awalible by using a special app.

Brightness and light tone

it may changes manually or autocomatically during a day and depending of daylight

Different colour mode

you may adjust different light colours and use colour that you want

360 light direction

choose the part in your room which need to be lighted - it may be all area or just your working space

Smart energy safer

On and OFF automatically depends of daylight or timetable

Alarm function

Constella imitate sunrise effect so your awakening will be more plesant; don't use noisy alarm clock any more

Night sky imitation

enjoy the night volume light and different constellation in your room before sleeping

Functionality and design


It’s “light air” design perfectly harmonizes with any room styles. Especially – in the interior design of such styles as minimalism or futurism.


All functions are awalible to use from smartphone. The lamp may keep in memory your individual preferences. It can replace all kinds of illuminators in your house.

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