women handbag qlare 2020

Exclusive women bags
handmade collection


A small elegant and structured bag conveys the theme of nature and flowers. Made by hand, it using high-quality genuine leather and eco-friendly materials and designed for demanding customers. 

Small elegant Fiores handbag
535 Euro


Unique and dynamic forms are like a new breath in the design of the 2020 season, creating an image of extravagance and sophistication. Each bag is individual and made by masters hand.

Extravagant handbag Dolche
550 Euro

Tote bag

This model of tote women’s bag for every day is created in a new modern form with combination of two types of genuine leather-soft nappe and crocodile leather.

Elegant tote bag
475 Euro

Shopper L.X.

A soft shopper bag with a dynamic shape is presented as part of the collection with a glossy small leopard print.

Extravagant shopper
520 Euro


This 2021 casual bag model was inspired by the legendary character in Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein”…

Elegant tote bag with customm colors
580 Euro

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We create a unique fashion accessory in a single copy to emphasize your individuality and sophistication